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The Provencal style kitchen: here's 15 beautiful inspiring proposals ...

The Provencal style kitchen: Here are 15 proposals to inspire ...

The Provencal style kitchen.

Provencal style kitchen is definitely one of the most popular in terms of furniture, because it gives the room an atmosphere of serenity and privacy. Provencal style is, rightly, considered by many to be the natural evolution of the classical style, with his innate romanticism, the combination of colours, balanced their of Provence, including blue, peach, lavender, lilac plant typical of this beautiful region of . The style is a hymn to Provencal tradition, comfort and convenience, with a strong rural connotation that invokes the recollection of the family.

Take a look at these 15 gorgeous proposals and get inspired ...

The manifesto of tradition in all its glory – Idea # 1

I dream about the powder blue typically Provencal – Idea # 2

The Provencal style kitchen

A brightness that welcomes and offers a great family warmth – Idea # 3

The white, blue and typical Provençal prints – Idea # 4

White and black are always a winning combination – Idea # 5

Provencal style loves green tones – Idea # 6

The peach-coloured Provencal style is one of the must – Idea # 7

When the bride romance tradition – Idea # 8

The Provencal style kitchen

The tender touch of lavender that does for Provence – Idea # 9

I love this kitchen from the strong Provencal mood – Idea # 10

Contemporary design and classic inspiration – Idea # 11

Provencal style meets rustic flavor of the country – Idea # 12

Provencal style love shabby chic contaminations – Idea # 13

Ivory brightness enhances every detail – Idea # 14

Elegant and cozy this cream-coloured Provencal cuisine – Idea # 15

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